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  1. ucipass
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    Wow! YYT-DUB is just a bit over 2000 miles. Perhaps, I could put this to good use if there are not award seats available mid-july over the Atlantic.

  2. ucipass
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    Very cool!!!! Total price is only $168.99 CAD from DUB to YYT one-way all-in mid-July.
    I have never been to Newfoundland, any tips for a quick stopover?

  3. That John
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    And don’t forget the BA OpenSkies hops to Paris. Basic seats down the back in economy, but premium economy is the same seat as AA’s domestic 767-200 business recliner and is often cheaper than flying to London in economy (thanks, APD).

    And (Oprah voice!) everyone gets an iPad with preloaded content for entertainment. It’s a pretty good deal.

  4. Cedarglen
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    I flew one of those several years ago. Don’t remember the details, but I;m guessing LCY to Dublin for fuel and US pre-clearance etc. All BC, not all that long and truly superior meal and service. And the cost was not crazy. (I think that service has ended, or soon will.) Other routes, even in coach are not bad, shorter than most and give flyers bound for elsewhere a great way to avoid the misery and obscene fees imposed when connecting in/near London. And heavens yes, with careful routing and timing, the total trip length is not a lot more, sometimes you get a pleasant break and the potential savings can be substantial. Better than a 747/380 direct to LHR? Heck yes!! Great post, Seth. I hope more folks, perhaps those not in some urgent rush can take advantage of these two-leg pond jumpers.

  5. David Fisher
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    Have you watched this video? It’s shows how Air Canada prepared for the YYT-LHR A-319 service. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JQq1HjyVKA

  6. DaninSTL
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    It looks like WoW has some flights from Iceland to places like Paris for around $150 which isn’t bad really. Could be an economy backdoor opportunity.

  7. Mhead110
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    I followed your link to WOW and then to this article re Norwegian Air’s inexpensive flights– http://www.fodors.com/news/more-affordable-transatlantic-flights-low-cost-carriers-7271.html — and at the Norwegian site, it looks like they have access to extremely cheap car rentals. I compared one rental at 45 Euros for a week in Malaga in March of a small cheap car to $189 at Europcar, the site I usually use.

  8. Corey
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    Who will be the first to fly a regional jet to Europe?

  9. Oliver2002
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    Iceland Air operates with single aisle 757 and soon 739s, Ryanair has been eyeing 737 service since a while. LX, KL and LH had BBK service on 738 and 319s for a while too.