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  1. Mark M
    Mark M at |

    Sucks that the Gators lost? Hah, couldn’t be more wrong!

  2. Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf at |

    Are you a Gators fan?

    I was in Gainesville over the weekend. Fortunately didn’t have to fly out.

  3. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    You’d think that DL would have a spare aircraft somewhere around ATL that they could reroute to Gainesville and make both groups happy, especially considering the Gators didn’t actually need to be in Connecticut until Monday night.

    It stinks that the passengers are collateral damage in this situation. I highly doubt that vouchers and/or credits will make up for missing a funeral or other events that booked passengers weren’t able to make.

  4. Nick
    Nick at |

    It’s time to double the denied boarding compensation to $800 minimum per passenger, and possibly to include scenarios like this, if they aren’t included already.

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    The “apology” is self serving corporate speak. Your business analysis is correct, though it’s hard to measure the PR damage, which is not abated in my opinion by such a lame press release.