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  1. David
    David at |

    Thanks for the recap – fun read. Looking forward to hearing about your DL domestic pickups (perhaps on Pointshoarder?) I managed to snag a total of 8 tickets.

  2. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    737 from NY to HKG? Looking forward to hearing about that one!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Chris
    Chris at |

    @Ryan: Could this simply be the island hopper from HNL to GUM? GUM-HKG is already a 737 (on UA) and you can do flights to Hawaii from the US on 737s as well.

  4. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Great recap — has been fun to read your posts and tweets this year.

    Question though: “I’m going to fly on a 737 from New York to Hong Kong in March” — on the same plane? Sounds interesting…

  5. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Congrats on an amazing 2013 and wishing you the best for 2014!

  6. sushiguy
    sushiguy at |

    Enjoyed this post and hope you have an even better 2014.