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  1. Jim
    Jim at |

    Sounds a little like my New Year’s trip which was done in coach mostly on UA miles. Flights were EWR-UA-CDG-TG-BKK-DD-HKT-TR-SIN-TG-BKK-TG-PVG-UA-EWR. Fortunately, the trip was over an entire week and really not all that bad.

  2. BigRedBears
    BigRedBears at |

    You are only slightly insane.
    DC-10 on Finnair back in 2000 was my first long haul flight and I have many fond memories of it. Enjoy!

  3. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    My first – and I believe only – DC-10 was EWR-STL-HNL “back in the day” – 1989 – my first ever true vacation…. wonderful memories…

    SOLTATIO at |

    Honestly, a middle seat on NH is probably even better than an aisle/window seat on UA don’t you think?

    1. Kris
      Kris at |

      Definitely not when you have Economy Plus, maybe/maybe not otherwise.

  5. JD
    JD at |

    Why do you do this to yourself?

  6. Santastico
    Santastico at |

    First I thought this was a mileage run. Yes, I thought you were crazy but oh well, miles!!! Now I see you redeemed miles for this. Well, I have not found a way to define how crazy you are.

  7. James K.
    James K. at |

    Shame. I was looking forward to reading about Bangladesh

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  9. Jon
    Jon at |

    did you get yourself a window seat on the DC-10? curious as to why the flight ends in BHX. do you know why? by the way, this is an insane trip. you should have booked a biz ticket at least to DAC

  10. thezipper
    thezipper at |

    Ahhhh the D-10 memories… fondly remember the NWA zone cert glitch where I got to fly TATL and some TPAC (DCA-MSP-LGW-MSP-HNL-MSP-DCA) on those heavenly machines… Enjoy the ride!!!

  11. Pizza In Motion
    Pizza In Motion at |

    […] nuts as Seth, (I’m pretty sure I already knew this) who writes the Wandering Aramean blog.  He’s doing an around the world trip.  In coach.  And a portion of it is likely in a middle seat. […]

  12. cj
    cj at |

    I thought you were going a mileage run – but a reward ticket in 5 days –why ?
    you get my vote -enjoy the journey