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  1. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    I’ve noticed this as well. I visit Cleveland periodically for work, and the direct flights on United out of EWR are often $700+, even when booked well in advance. Means I end up flying Airtran to Akron. I had Cleveland colleagues who would travel to Toronto with me for a client, and the direct flights were often $1500+!!! Some of them ended up driving instead.

  2. Chris G
    Chris G at |

    Noticed the same thing from SEA-CLE. It was very rare to see a RT fare below $500.

  3. Points with a Crew
    Points with a Crew at |

    We had the same thing in CVG when Delta was a lot bigger presence here – prices were just so expensive that it drove people to fly out of DAY or other nearby airports.

  4. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    I live in Houston. What are these cheap airfares you speak of?

  5. Carl
    Carl at |

    While there may be legitimate business reasons for United to make these cuts, the argument that there is a meaningful silver lining for Cleveland is pretty myopic – or reads like that of an apologist for United.

    There are already plenty of 1-stop connecting service options out of CLE, whether on DL & AA or on LCCs, and as you point out they are at lower price points that UA nonstops. CLE isn’t constrained by gates or slots. Today customers have the choice of lower price and longer travel time and connecting risks, or higher price and nonstop service. They are basically losing many of the nonstop options, and not getting anything in return. Even if there is a bit more connecting lift, there is no real reason prices will drop, and while average fares will drop, that will be due to the nonstop travel being converted to connecting travel, and not necessarily connecting travel getting any cheaper.

    United’s move to dehub CLE will mean less options for travelers. Even if the alternative connecting service is cheaper, not having any choice isn’t much of a silver lining.