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  1. Schrott
    Schrott at |

    Seth – good tools. What would be really useful would be a script / tool that can wade through numerous fares and pick out the ones that allow end-on-end construction, useful for dumping purposes.

  2. farbster
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    you say you’re not good at bookmarking. Have you tried Evernote? Great program/service.

  3. Quick link to the Saudia site for UA fare analysis - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] a few clicks and some copy/paste action. Nothing groundbreaking, but vaguely useful, I hope. Extension is available in the Chrome Web Store here. More details about usage or a direct […]

  4. Brad
    Brad at |

    Thanks a lot for this Seth. This is useful, and in my own geeky way, kind of fun.

  5. LauraPDX
    LauraPDX at |

    Thanks Seth, but FYI the Spelling in the chrome store is incorrect (Saudia)

  6. Denise
    Denise at |

    Thank you! And as a complete and total aside, since you alluded that this was an actual reservation, are you taking the Island Hopper from HNL to GUM? I’m going this week! (And on to HKG because air fares to GUM were outrageous).

  7. Denise
    Denise at |

    PS–Worked perfectly–thanks! Of course, has anyone tried to dispute a PQD with United?

  8. UAPhil
    UAPhil at |

    Seth, how is this different from the fare breakdown on ITA Software?

  9. ShoNuffHarlem
    ShoNuffHarlem at |

    Or, United could just publish PDQS EARNED on their own website along with each fare just like airlines post MILES EARNED – how long until that happens?

  10. AS
    AS at |

    Good post, but one correction. The ROE 1.00 means the rate of exchange in conversion of your currency to the NUC. Since you’re in USD it’s 1.00. The 1.00 doesn’t go with the XT, XT signals the beginning of the “taxes” section. The first tax is the $10 AY (Sep 11th) fee and the last is the XFs (2 $4.50 Airport PFCs) which along with everything in between comes to the indicated total of $282.

    FYI – I know you can (or used to be able to) do something similar on the Delta website, and I believe it wasn’t limited to just Delta reservations since I saved a link with a USAirways ticket number.


  11. Julie B
    Julie B at |

    Thanks, Seth. I have downloaded it (I think!) to my chrome browser. I shall test it on some reservations I have.

    You know what a klutz I am with technology ….. 😀

  12. Leo
    Leo at |

    I think you have a little mistake:
    “outbound ($275+$115 as half of the YQ)” should be $225 riht?

  13. Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool at |

    can you please advise me if this kind of UA award routing is legal?

    outbound: USA->Caribbean(or maybe S America)(stopover)->Europe(via USA)
    return: Europe-USA