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  1. Paul
    Paul at |

    I don’t understand HAs business model. Pushing most flights thru HNL made sense years ago when relatively few people were flying to Hawaii. But why can’t I fly OAK-LIH every day of the year rather than a few high demand months? I avoid those high demand months for obvious reasons. Having to wait hours to catch a puddle jumper in HNL while I could be already on the beach infuriates me.

    Competitors can profitably fly year round to individual islands and they get my business instead. It boggles me why Hawaiian seems determined to lose market share in their own backyard. Amazing they are still around, let alone growing. Just the luck of having Asia as their backyard I suppose – and having an even more incompetent airline (Aloha) disappear when roofs started tearing off…

  2. hobo13
    hobo13 at |

    Based on a quick glance of the title, I thought this was going to be another thread about Seth’s preferred travel attire….


  3. David M
    David M at |

    TPE is also being cut by Hawaiian, freeing up additional aircraft capacity. And HA is prepared for the coming 737MAX and A320neo competition, with their own order for the A321neo.

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  5. Mark Gateley
    Mark Gateley at |

    My hope is, all of this activity will have a positive impact on fares….we have been seeing upwards of $1,000 KOA-LAX….with HA actually flying from the west coast into Kona now, there is hope…