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  1. Becky
    Becky at |

    Very interesting and I’m surprised to see a few things didn’t even make it onto their list of options. Time of day and fare are both important to me, but so is total transit time (connections and routing) and personal “statistics”/experience on irrops. After all that, I start to look at other factors like loyalty points or legroom but frankly the above criteria usually chooses my option far before I get to that point.

  2. Nick
    Nick at |

    Can anyone who maintains 1K really say with a straight face they only care 10% about frequent flier miles? I only plan to maintain Platinum on UA this year but FF miles still get at least 25-33% for me.

  3. ucipass
    ucipass at |

    I think there should be 2 categories. Short-haul and long-hail.
    I would not care about the upgrades and legroom or miles for the matter for short-hail, but they would be extremely important for long-haul flights.

  4. patricia
    patricia at |

    i usually prefer friday evening flight out and sunday noon-afternoon departure, so i guess for me date/time comes first before price … unless price is ridiculous

    #3 would be loyalty points

    customer service is rock bottom on my list since all domestic US economy stinks no matter what you fly

  5. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    What are all those extra lines under “Price of the Flight”?

  6. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Price of flight is pretty high for me, generally – probably around 50%.

    Day and time will vary depending on the situation. For a summer vacation where I have wide latitude on when to go, it means little. For Thanksgiving where I have a limited window to fit in, much more important, for example.

    FF miles would either be just above, or just below Day/Time. Customer service and my opinion of the airline’s quality of hard & soft product (as opposed to familiarity, per se) would be about equal to FF miles.

    I can’t say that terminal amenities are very high – only in some situations (such as expecting a long layover or need for lounge access, or decent meal options).

    Upgrades mean nothing to me, and legroom is only a consideration for long-haul or with certain airlines or configurations (being on the shorter side sometimes has an advantage!)

  7. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    I fly mostly international to issues around having to connect, particularly is hubs that are prone to issues (ORD, EWR) are a red flag for me. I am willing to pay more for a ticket but only within reason.

  8. Mary Kirby
    Mary Kirby at |

    No Wi-Fi? Its presence can’t be assumed for this traveler.

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  10. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    It depends for me. If it’s business travel, day/time are easily king, price is secondary, then miles and legroom. If family travel, price is king, followed by day/time, legroom. Miles is less of a consideration as all my family travel has been on awards the last few years.