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  1. Holiday Baker Man
    Holiday Baker Man at |

    Air Canada has lost me. @ 6’5″ a 29″ seat pitch will not work at all… and I’m not paying for more room!

  2. Brian
    Brian at |

    I would compare Rouge to Qantas’ JetStar if anything.

    The difference it seems between this and others noted is the difference in cost structure. They have different operating agreements with Pilots, Flight Attendants on a different pay and work scale, and are working to outsource non-heavy maintenance.

    Not the first time for Air Canada, either. Zip operated in Western Canada with lower cost staff using ex Canadian Airlines 737-200s. When the unions and the airline negotiated to bring Zip staff up to mainline levels, Air Canada closed it up as it made no more sense.

    Air Canada also operated Tango, which is closer to the model of TED et.al. It ‘suffered’ the same fate as well.

  3. Adam
    Adam at |

    The big question for me is the price – for most routes, it seems like they have consistent pricing between mainline and Rouge. I think it would be easier for customers to understand if fares were 10% lower (it sounds like they’re targeting 30-40% reduction in CASM, so this seems like it would be doable).

    With no fare reduction, there is more understandable outrage at paying the same amount for drastically reduced service.

    1. Brian
      Brian at |

      If AC can get away with a zero fare reduction and a 30-40% reduction in CASM, why would they do that? From what I have seen, loads are not down.

  4. Alex
    Alex at |

    I dont’t understand what Air Canada is doing and why they are performing so well. The price difference between Air Canada and rouge is very small. They are clearly going after west jet routes but West Jet offer significantly better service. Just my two cents