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  1. Robert F
    Robert F at |

    May the Schwartz be with you on your next flight.

  2. John
    John at |

    When is beta period supposed to be over for ViaSat Exede on JetBlue?

  3. Drew
    Drew at |

    Hey Seth,
    Any idea for this flight what the take rate (# of simultaneous users) was? I’m curious how they’re achieving such high speeds if many users are logged in, particularly as I’ve seen reports during the beta of 100+ simultaneous users on a flight (and which you allude to above).

    Thanks, appreciate the post!

  4. JetBlue extending free Fly-Fi trial | Wandering Aramean

    […] Still the best in-flight internet. When it connects. […]

  5. Sean
    Sean at |

    Seth, recently on several FlyFi enabled flights and found a couple more hiccups and fixes I’d like to share.
    1. I couldn’t access any https/secure sites. Couldn’t access Gmail, Facebook, or any other site I had to sign in to.
    2. After flying through Canada/Michigan/Canada into Minnesota and then south, I had a hard time reconnecting as well. Issues very similar to the screenshots above.

    I think I’ve found a work-around for both of these problems. The solution is the same. In the first, I’d switched devices – used the same email address to log in to my phone and off of my MBA (I think this is important, because the guy next to me using windows didn’t have a problem switching between devices and logging into secure sites).

    My solution is simply to use a new email address to log back in. JetBlue doesn’t have a sign off button, but you can ‘kick yourself out’ by using the email on a different device. So, I log on to my phone with my gmail and use a different email on the MBA and worked in both cases. I don’t know if it would help in this scenario, but it does in the ones I mentioned above.

    Thanks for the great posts.

    On a side note, I saw you destroyed airchive’s analysis of Mint; you pointed out some great things they missed. Are you planning on doing one yourself (that’s actually why I’m browsing the site this morning)?