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  1. M2
    M2 at |

    Here’s another thought…

    If we allow the airlines to advertise without taxes included, it can only be government taxes. Eliminate the ability to “hide” surcharges (fuel) in the section currently labeled “taxes & fees.”

    Part of the reason the taxes are higher is that airlines are finding ways to move the cost of air travel out of the taxable portion and thus the government compensates by raising the taxes that support the infrastructure.

    1. Jetsetr
      Jetsetr at |

      @M2 – unless I’m misunderstanding or have missed something (quite possible), I am not reading that this bill would enable the airlines to hide the YQ portion of a fare from the initial display price. YQ is not a tax by government, but a “tax” by airlines. So if YQ is bundled with the base fare, as I understand, that combined price must still be shown, and is not something that can be “broken out as a separately-displayed line-item at the end of the booking process.” If I am wrong and someone can show otherwise, please let me know.

  2. Jetsetr
    Jetsetr at |

    I automatically make the assumption that a bill supported by the airline industry is bad news for consumers. It is a shame, and I agree that the “transparency” should be to have other travel service providers show the “full, true, all-inclusive price,” rather than have the airlines “dumb down” the price stratification. But you make a solid point in that the airlines are federally-regulated, so that is a crucial difference in the ability for DOT to mandate the current “full disclosure price.” So this bill was reported out of committee…as a stand-alone bill, it probably passes the GOP-led House. If part of an omnibus bill, it still probably passes the House. The question is, where does the Senate fall? And if it passes the Senate, is this truly deemed a veto-worthy bill by the White House?

  3. Alan
    Alan at |

    Agree this is bonkers. In Europe prices are advertised all-in – so much easier than having to manually add taxes to everything. They should be force to display the total price in advertising and then forced at checkout to split out government taxes from their own quasi-taxes!

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