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  1. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    As a former Diamond of 3 years, I have to say that Delta is one of the least trusted airlines in my book. I rank AA much higher.

  2. The Most Trusted Airline in the World? - Marshall Jackson on Travel

    […] to add: All of this is likely for naught as I see that Wandering Aramean is reporting that Delta’s trademark application has been rejected. Might be the best thing […]

  3. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    They have a “frequent flyer bonus program”? If so, it certainly could not be called the “most trusted” no mattery what the “puffery” content.

  4. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    In trademark law puffery is so much something they say “even though they have no formal basis for the assertion.” The courts define it more as an exaggerated advertising, blustering, and boasting upon which no reasonable buyer would rely.

    In other words, puffery is a statement where they have no formal basis for the assertion AND something no reasonable consumer would rely on.

  5. AlohaDaveKennedy
    AlohaDaveKennedy at |

    Charlie – puffery in this case refers to the fact that Delta must have been puffing on something when they expected their customers to trust them.

  6. chitownflyer
    chitownflyer at |

    Delta should patent and trademark their 5 tiered reward redemption program next year, so other airlines can NOT copy their program without paying a royalty or licensing fee.