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  1. Adrien
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    I just wanted to highlight that La Compagnie has a launch offer at 1800€ (~2450$) roundtrip for two people between New York and Paris. At 1275$ per person for a business class transatlantic roundtrip, that is a really good price even for a mediocre product. That is cheaper than economy in summer !
    I think if you hide your ip address you can access their french website which is fully functional.

    1. AM
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      What is the french website? I’m in EU (although not in France), and when I go to the .com site I get “not yet available in your country”. Tried .fr, got nada.

      1. AM
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        ah, got it: .com/fr 🙂

  2. Siricepick
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    Like we’ve seen before, United will just price match to drive them out Newark. Unlike Virgin, I doubt they have deep enough pockets to keep up the fight.