SyncAssist: Now better than ever!

During the first few weeks the American Express SyncAssist tool was in service I definitely hit a few snags. At one point Twitter shut me down (all better now) and there were some bugs with the account registration process which prevented some users from signing up. Also, it was pretty hard to keep track of which promos you were registered for, especially if you had multiple twitter accounts linked to the tool (a benefit reserved for First Class members on the site). Thanks to jetlag I had a few hours available to do some programming work this week and the result is a revised UI for the site which makes things a bit better. At least I think so.

The SyncAssist homepage will now show you each offer within a container of sorts. The most recently added one is expanded with the details of the offer showing inside and below the offer is a list of the Twitter accounts which are registered for that promo. If you have multiple Twitter accounts managed you’ll see each listed. The other boxes are collapsed but clicking on the [+] icon will expand them for more information.


Clicking on the check mark or the Twitter name will take you to the details of that particular registration:


The offer details from Twitter also show below and if you click on the timestamp in the tweet it will show you the full conversation, including the reply from AmEx. That’s helpful if you need to confirm that you’re registered for the promotion.

Not a massive change to the way it works but I think the changes make it much more user-friendly, something I often forget about when building the tools.

Hopefully you all find the changes helpful as well. As always, let me know if you’re having trouble with this or any other tools.

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  1. Thank you. I’m going to try it out tonight. I have few Amex cards to register 🙂

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