Emirates moving in Boston

The explosive growth in Boston’s international traffic has not been without its challenges. The airports facilities at Terminal E have become quite crowded, particularly in the peak afternoon times. It looks like Emirates will be the first airline to adjust operations in an effort to lessen that impact. The carrier will be moving departures to Terminal C starting in mid-September based on an internal JetBlue communication published recently and shared on FlyerTalk.

Emirates inaugural flight arriving at Boston. (Image courtesy of EK)
Emirates inaugural flight arriving at Boston. (Image courtesy of EK)

In addition to reducing the minimum connect time between JetBlue and Emirates the move will also allow Emirates to build up their own lounge in the terminal, something which the space in Terminal E did not provide for. The former United Club at gate C19 can now be converted to that function. Lounge development in Boston is not the easiest thing in the world; the local authorities are particularly challenging when it comes to liquor licenses and providing wifi in the lounge. Hopefully Emirates will be able to manage the transition quickly and easily.

Arriving passengers will still clear US immigration and customs at Terminal E. The plane will be moved to C after it has unloaded. No word on whether other partners are interested in joining the move, though Aer Lingus is the most likely candidate and they recently built up a new lounge in Terminal E so it is unlikely they’re looking to bail on that anytime soon.

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  1. Will premium passengers have access to any lounge in C prior to the build out? I never fly out of C, always A or E, so I am not sure who would provide services.

    1. The only lounge in C is the former United Club space. If that’s under construction then I cannot see where the passengers will be accommodated. Either they’ll have the retrofit completed in time or they’ll come up with another plan. I suppose we’ll all find out in a few weeks when this actually happens.

  2. Thanks. I may start traveling to DXB and am Boston based. Usually a DL flier, so this will be interesting!

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