JetBlue adds new badges; ups earning potential

Playing the JetBlue Badges game? A whole bunch more earning opportunities just showed up and many of them have bonus points associated with them. Many of the new badges are focused on aggregate earnings rather than individual accomplishments. The BlueCity Boss badge, for example, is earnt when a customer flies to all 6 focus cities/hubs in the JetBlue network. And it offers up 1,000 bonus points for hitting the milestone. Not a huge earn, but better than nothing and a fun target to aim for.


There are similar badges for a number of regional options. California Dreaming covers the eight Golden State destinations and offers a 500 mile bonus. Go With the Flo has Florida’s seven airports and True Texan covers DFW, AUS and HOU. There are also the Southern Charm and New England options.


There are also several new partner options, many focused around driving engagement with multiple partners. Each hotel-related partner has its own badge, for example, but there is now the Overnight badge for getting all the hotel partners. Similarly The Wheel Deal comes from activity with every car-related partner. Alas, most of those don’t include bonus points. The one which does, Partner Party, nets 1,000 points for collecting all the partner badges. Odds of that happening are pretty low, I’d bet, if for no other reason than it seems to require both of the credit card badges and getting both of them would be rather challenging.


If you want a bigger bonus, however, you’ll need to think broader. There are three new badges with HUGE earning potential.

  • Islanded on all the Islands: Fly to all the island destinations and earn 10,000 points
  • Half-Way There: Fly to 45 destinations and earn 20,000 points
  • Destination Domination: Fly to every JetBlue destination and earn 500,000 TrueBlue points


When the Badges program launched I was bummed that all my prior flights wouldn’t be included, especially with my AYCJ adventures. Now, seeing the massive bonuses available for some of that activity, it hurts even more. I know I’d have all the hubs, all of California, New York and Florida. I’d need to add DFW as they didn’t have the service then. I also know that the international destinations are going to remain my nemeses in the quest to get them all. So many places I want to visit but I’m not sure that planning 5 separate trips to the Dominican Republic (plus the other 15+ destinations) is such a feasible plan in the near future. Even if by some miracle there was a return of the AYCJ pass it would be tough to swing that.

But I’ll keep staring at the map and dreaming of that goal. And, slowly but surely, I’ll keep moving in that direction. Not because I want the Badge, per se, but because I still want to visit all those places. And I’ll take the badge, too.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. In terms of the destination badges, do you earn the badge & count regardless of whether you are flying to or from the particular destination?

    I wonder how feasible it would be to fly to all the destinations in say 1 year for that 500,000 point badge?!

    I am glad they are continuing to innovate with badges. Just as a data point, it looks like none of my Facebook friends are on Badges. It may be that only really early adopter or tech followers play the badges game, and then also with B6 most of there customers probably live in BOS or JFK, DC, or Florida.

    The leaderboard is also interesting in the badges game.

    1. Badges only count for arrivals, not departures. And not connections, either. That makes it harder.

      With only 90ish to fly it would be feasible to do it all in a year. The international routes make it hard while there are enough short hops that some of the domestic ones could be done more than one in a day. I’d have to play with the schedules a bit but I’m guessing that it is possible to average greater than 1/day overall meaning that someone could start from scratch and make it through 90 in less than 90 days. Or darn close to it.

      Also, if you want more FB Badges friends there is an open group dedicated to that: Lots of fun going on in there.

  2. I wonder too roughly how much it would cost to cover the 90 destinations. I was also thinking a longer horizon so as not to have to take 3 months off from work to do it, although it would be fun!
    A frequent JetBlue flyer would also have some number less than 90 most likely.

    Also BTW I skipped AYCJ because of the relatively strict close in rules about cancellations and changes, but I happily did the much more flexible full BluePass out of BOS.

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