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  1. Mika Pyyhkala
    Mika Pyyhkala at |

    In terms of the destination badges, do you earn the badge & count regardless of whether you are flying to or from the particular destination?

    I wonder how feasible it would be to fly to all the destinations in say 1 year for that 500,000 point badge?!

    I am glad they are continuing to innovate with badges. Just as a data point, it looks like none of my Facebook friends are on Badges. It may be that only really early adopter or tech followers play the badges game, and then also with B6 most of there customers probably live in BOS or JFK, DC, or Florida.

    The leaderboard is also interesting in the badges game.

  2. Mika Pyyhkala
    Mika Pyyhkala at |

    I wonder too roughly how much it would cost to cover the 90 destinations. I was also thinking a longer horizon so as not to have to take 3 months off from work to do it, although it would be fun!
    A frequent JetBlue flyer would also have some number less than 90 most likely.

    Also BTW I skipped AYCJ because of the relatively strict close in rules about cancellations and changes, but I happily did the much more flexible full BluePass out of BOS.

  3. cj
    cj at |

    is there a time frame to complete the 90 destinations ? 1 year ? or lifetime ?