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  1. DWT
    DWT at |

    That’s really unfortunate, and I’m actually really surprised that the hotel didn’t have options. Assuming the pillows are down/feather, they should have a synthetic option for people who are allergic or otherwise prefer that; and assuming they are synthetic, they should have a down/feather option for people (like me) who can’t stand synthetic pillows.

    The one time a hotel pillow was a deal breaker for me was at the Singapore Marriott– similar story, as they were so firm that my head simply could not fall into them enough for a comfortable spine alignment. There was simply no way I could have slept on those pillows. Thankfully, the hotel DID have other, softer, pillows, and had housekeeping bring them up.

  2. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    Similar thing happened to me with six hotel stays in Norway this month. The top of the line luxury hotel The Thief Oslo had the firmest and most uncomfortable pillows of all the hotels.

    What I love about car travel is packing my own feather pillow from home, although I did leave one behind at a California B&B last May.

  3. Mommy Points
    Mommy Points at |

    Yuck – I strongly dislike pillows like that, too. Room looks nice otherwise, but hope they source some less firm pillows for those who ask!

  4. Crane Belmore
    Crane Belmore at |

    Pillows you say? I must not be that picky because I think if I’m tired, I can sleep just about anywhere. You professional travel bloggers sure do seem picky about your hotel & flight experiences, but does it really matter?

  5. Kathy (Will Run For Miles)
    Kathy (Will Run For Miles) at |

    Hi Seth. It was nice seeing you in Vegas. You spent 8 days there??

    I feel your pain. I have constant pillow issues because I’m allergic to feathers. Half the time, even if I note my allergy, they don’t give me polyester pillows. Sometimes, I don’t even bother complaining – its such a pain in the butt – but sometimes I do. And then they find the oldest cruddiest poly pillows from the year of the flood and deliver them to my room. that’s when I put two more pillowcases around the feather pillow and sneeze myself to sleep.



  6. Travel Summary
    Travel Summary at |

    I feel the same way about the pillows from Aria. I’m not staying at the Delano until mid-October, but I recall the pillows from THEHotel were just fine. I might need to pack my own pillow for my Delano trip!

  7. Lauren
    Lauren at |

    I’m with you, Seth. I can’t sleep on a firm pillow, and I’m also allergic to down feathers. It’s as bad as having a terrible mattress. One hurts your neck; the other hurts your back.

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  9. Al
    Al at |

    Buy a $6 pillow at the local Walmart. They offer medium, firm and extra firm. That is what I do when the hotel I’m in has horrible pillows. It is worth $6 for a good night’s sleep.