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  1. jamesb2147
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    As Ben Hughes pointed out, the airlines and seat manufacturers have their share of blame.

    There’s no good reason that I should make a choice about my comfort that impacts you.

    The problem is the seat. The seat should not allow me to affect you. How to do this? How about sliding the front of the seat forward for recline instead of tilting the back backwards. You’ll lose leg space, but now you’re only imposing upon your own comfort. It’s an easy problem to solve, though expensive. I suspect we’ll (one day) see this. I only hope it’s while I’m still alive. :/

  2. Taylor
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    We can talk about recline and the merits (or lack thereof) until we’re blue in the face, but Seth is spot on. It’s obvious there’s no real solution to the “recline problem,” so the interim solution is that we all behave like adults and act rationally should a problem arise.

    Ban passengers who cause problems. People only act like savages because they’re allowed to get away with it. If you’re willing to get into an altercation in midair over something as simple as seat recline, you probably have no place in civilized society anyway.

  3. Ms. M
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    Go to the standup seats (no recline there)! And herd more people into less space while you’re at it – that helps, right?

    People do need to learn how to behave AND be considerate of others. Do unto others as you would have done unto you – you know, the golden rule.

    Would you want someone to recline in your space to the point that you cannot get out to pee or move? Recline into your knees to the point where you were very uncomfortable or injured during the flight? Make you a bobblehead or pulled your hair because they used your seat as a leveraging point to stand up or sit down? Force you hold on to everything on the tray table because the person kept hanging the recline pitch (jerking in the process)? Or, the more controversial one because we have RIGHTS – wear cologne or perfume and make you miserable/sick on the flight? No, you would not.

    But because YOU paid for a ticket, YOU should be able to do whatever YOU want to do – no matter what the impact is to others. And if someone reacts, THEY are the bad guy. I think we are too quick to only place the blame on people with short tempers. Yes, they need to learn to control their responses, but the passenger pitching back with reckless abandon and doing other acts that are inconsiderate of others around them are not innocent either – stop acting like they are!

    The airlines have squeezed more and more seats on the plane, and have asked us to just accept it. And because it is too hard to fight the airlines that are “too big to fail”, we resign ourselves to whatever they do to us. They too, have a role in this issue and I think people on this blog are too quick to dismiss the airlines’ responsibility in the matter because you feel powerless to fix it.

    Everyone has a part in making the flying experience good for everyone. It is about time that everyone act accordingly.