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  1. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    Leasing them to an alliance partner is probably the only option. As selling them, while bringing in cash, eliminates the possibility that they may be worth more in the future. JFK is a very desirable gateway, so leasing should be easy.

  2. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    Huge mistake. There is no way to feed UA traffic from anyone who either lands in JFK (international connections) or those of us who try to avoid LGA if we can, due to horrid delays. I can only hope they add capacity to ORD or IAH, but I would doubt it.

  3. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    And before anyone says EWR can cover it, from Long Island EWR is an easy 2 hour drive, and is something most people I know avoid. UA is just screwing the pooch in NY.

  4. Joey
    Joey at |

    UA has been losing a lot of money each quarter so I’d suspect they’d sell the slots. However, since these are domestic flights, can they only sell them to domestic carriers? I’d think foreign carriers that UA won’t think as competitors would easily want them. For example, Azerbaijan Airlines is starting a non-stop service from Baku to JFK on September 24th. A few months ago, Japan’s Skymark Airlines applied for slots at JFK (unfortunately due to the A380 fiasco, Skymark won’t be flying to JFK.)

  5. Darin
    Darin at |

    Hey I’m famous.

    Anyway, I feel for those connecting to ps. Once upon a time there was consistent coast to coast widebody service. No more.

    1. RDP
      RDP at |

      Actually, UAL frequently uses a 764/772 on their IAD-SFO route

  6. SImon
    SImon at |

    The scarcity of JFK slots is grossly exaggerated. Only the last two departure slots are even worth anything.

    The first two? They’ll just go back into the slot pool, nobody will buy them when they can get them from free.

  7. Billy
    Billy at |

    UA has all but given up JFK. Were in not for the fact that the market will support charging double for a J transcon seat from JFK vs from EWR, PS would be moved to EWR ages ago.

    I would have thought one or two IAD/JFK feeders to/from *A partner int’l flights would have made sense due to codeshare flights for UA…but the people making these decisions have much more info than I do. I presume they’re using it. 🙂

  8. Nick
    Nick at |

    Why do so many *A carriers persist in flying to JFK vs EWR? It’s not a pleasant airport to transit, IME. I don’t see UA replacing these flights with other destinations, the economics of having just 4 RJ flights a day just doesn’t make sense.

  9. TopGunner
    TopGunner at |

    Makes sense in the bigger picture of shrinking to profitability, but puts more space between me and Star Alliance. These particular flights were useless to me other than providing additional seats into WAS from United that I could use or at least made my desired flights more available. I hate making it to Dulles from Maryland, and actually prefer connecting in NYC or ORD, especially JFK. The loss of these flights probably mean an increase in the flights to EWR from WAS that were already higher than the competition, so my only real options these days are Delta and AA/US and that means I’m flying their planes or partners long haul.

    You will only see me at IAD as a last option or EWR if there is a super low fare and Amtrak is cheap.

  10. Ben
    Ben at |

    I’d love to see slots go to Ethiopian to start JFK-ADD nonstop but doubt the lack of suitable slots is what’s keeping ET from JFK..

  11. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Let’s think outside the box, shall we?

    Convert the 50-seaters to 1:1 seating and offer 60 minute sightseeing flights of NY, operated by Grayline Airlines for United.