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  1. AA
    AA at |

    I had a similar experience.. on a mileage run to dubai and back, with only a few hours there in between. (And recent mileage runs to Oman & Bahrain). I was travelling with only a small laptop bag. I was pulled out of line for the enhanced interrogation & groping. My belongings were scrutinized, which amusingly included the agent examining each card and bill in my wallet individually! I’m sure I am on some type of watch list now, but so far it has not affected my pre-check or global entry access.

  2. karung99
    karung99 at |

    I had similar situation coming back from weekend MR from SYD, the SFO Agent asked where is my bags? and asked me if I was doing MR when I told him no bag. 🙂

  3. KidStarA
    KidStarA at |

    I doubt you have to worry about any problems with your Global Entry. I had a similar experience a couple years ago, although I was told it was a random compliance check. First off the plane, not much luggage…I was directed to secondary screening, but didn’t have to wait for an agent. A little chit-chat, asked me if I wanted to change my answers (no). The CPB agent did a fairly cursory search of my luggage, and then let me go. Maybe he didn’t look hard because of my nonchalance (I had nothing to hide). Anyway, I’ve taken plenty of international trips since without any issues with Global Entry.

    You were probably just profiled for travelling with little luggage, and I’m sure Amsterdam always gets a little more scrutiny than, say, Stockholm, especially when you’re staying a short time. But once they’ve given you the once-over, you’re probably in the clear for future trips.

  4. Grant
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    I just read your MD-11 review. Very interesting aircraft, glad you had a fun time on the final commercial flight.

  5. Jeanne
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    I did a few same day turns to the Caribbean in a row. I went to Jamaica with a suitcase to bring back as much Rum Cream as I could for my dad. Apparently, it is really suspicious to leave the country for Jamaica with an empty suitcase…. Luckily, Keri (who wasn’t on the other trips) somehow talked us out of it. I think by talking about it too much. He was tired of hearing about the blog and how excited we are 😛

  6. Evan
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    what is the furnishings in the 2nd pic.

  7. ptahcha
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    AMS+little baggage = potential drug mules. I’ve been through secondary with GE (due to the fact that somehow my passport data fell out of my profile since I changed passport), and this will not affect your future ability to use GE.

  8. Kiwi Flyer
    Kiwi Flyer at |

    Should not affect future immigration experiences。

    As non American I have had secondary on one trip(taking far longer to clear) followed by no noticeable issues the next trip。

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  11. David
    David at |

    This may also be quota related. CPB have daily and per flight quotas to fulfill. Since you said your flight was the first of the day from Europe and you were most likey one of the first to reach the exit, you probably tripped the random secondary alert.

    CPB told me they frequently secondary some the first passengers to reach the exit off of each flight. I now hang back a little bit if time allows as I was consistently being selected for secondary screening. Being in first with no bags and Global Entry was always making me one of the first passengers to reach the exit and thus tagged for secondary screening.