A video from the KLM MD-11 retirement flight

PH-VCE a/k/a Audrey Hepburn pulls in to the gate at YUL prior to the MD-11 retirement flight

As I mentioned last Friday I made the decision to fly in to Montreal for the KLM MD-11 retirement flight. I probably should have made that choice much earlier but the award rates didn’t really change much and I had a blast. Lots of friends on board (several from the DC-10 final flight, the other major tri-jet to be retired this year) and plenty of new friends to be made. I posted a write-up from the flight itself over at AirwaysNews and I think it is worth a read, if only to get a feel for what the level of AvGeek-dom was like on board (hint: VERY high). There’s also a small photo gallery on the AirwaysNews Facebook page and some more photos at the end of this post.

Now Boarding: KLM 672 for the MD-11 retirement flight!
Now Boarding: KLM 672 for the MD-11 retirement flight!

With a couple more days now since the flight I’ve also been able to put together a small video version of a trip report.

Both KLM and the Montreal airport went all-out in sending off the KLM MD-11 retirement flight. And with good reason, I’d say. It truly was a lot of fun, both on the ground and in the air. The flight was operated by PH-KCE, named “Audrey Hepburn” by KLM as one of 10 planes named for famous women. Also, that’s the one KLM plane I spotted when at SXM back in 2010 as part of JetBlue’s AYCJ awesomeness.

PH-KCE “Audrey Hepburn” arriving in SXM in 2010. Same plane operated the final MD-11 retirement flight last Saturday

Whether it Rien, was the guy from Holland with the MD-11 tattooed on his arm and essentially a KLM aircraft interior for his living room or Jose, the young man about to turn 12 who got to fly the final flight as a birthday present or the many other stories on board, it was all special and I’m glad I made the choice to be a part of this little moment in history.

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  1. Thanks for the video. Even though new advancements in aero space are very welcome and amazing it’s always bittersweet to see the loss of the past (if that even makes any sense).

    1. I completely understand what you mean. And now that I’ve been on both of the major tri-jet retirement flights this year it hits a bit more close to home.

  2. I would have thought that this was the retirement of trijets in general, but it seems that there are still a few small carriers flying the 727. I hope you make it on the final 727 flight too, hopefully Iran Aseman Airlines isn’t the holdout.

  3. Great video and pictures. Glad you got to be there and that the crew celebrated along with the passengers. Loved the water cannon.

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