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  1. Maureen
    Maureen at |

    Expedia offering “Route Happy” is a great addition to flight details & a very good incentive to use their search engine! Thanks for sharing this new feature offered by Expedia.

  2. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    Excellent! As you say, hopefully this information percolates through the various OTAs and other booking channels and affects airline pricing and investments in a positive manner.

    I’ve always enjoyed Hipmunk as a concept, but the lack of customization/personalization (maybe I LIKE morning flights that get me to my destination earlier? Maybe I don’t care about WiFi but do care about premium economy or 2/3 seating?) limited the attractiveness.

    That said, I’ve got my parents hooked on their very easy / visuals driven iPad app.

    Good luck to RouteHappy on their new business model!