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  1. JohnSD
    JohnSD at |

    While this may work for 330 days of the year, it won’t be pretty the remainder of the time. The days leading up to the winter and spring vacations that all of the elementary thru high school kids get each year in New England is always a zoo at Logan, especially for the winter one which almost always happens the day of, or the first day after, a major snowstorm. Thanksgiving and Christmas will also be a disaster – it takes over 45 minutes to get through the process now on a regular busy weekend. Of course, folks won’t be checking baggage any longer with the other changes that JetBlue is initiating, so that will speed things up except at security and boarding

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    What exactly, concretely, are they going to change? The roaming customer service agent makes me think the guy spent too much time in Hyatt’s Andaz properties. Not having to check in at all isn’t exactly going to change my travel experience at the airport (and UA/CO have had that for at least the return flight for a long time). My phone has been my permanent boarding pass for many years now.