SyncAssist gets a bit smarter

I’ve been busy working on other tools lately but I got to looking at the SyncAssist tool recently and realized that it really needed some TLC. Most notable is that the American Express Sync offers have been published less publicly lately. They used to mostly be listed on the company’s profile page making them easy to find and register users for. And then AmEx somewhat stopped doing that. Promos still show up on the Favorites List in Twitter but many other offers are not published there, even when open to the public. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a way to find those deals and automate the registration of them.

Automate your American Express Sync promotion registration with SyncAssist
Automating your American Express Sync promotion registration with SyncAssist is easy!

The new method is not particularly sexy – I just look to see what others are registering for and make sure I include them in the SyncAssist list – but it does seem to be quite effective. In the couple days I’ve had it up for testing it has caught two or three new promos which would have otherwise been missed. And there were a few bug fixes which solve issues related to duplicate account registration. Finally, I’ve changed the tweeting behavior slightly so that not as many tweets will go out to all of your followers; instead they have @AmericanExpress at the front so that should cut down on the “spammy” sort of appearance a bit. Not 100%, but a bit.

Beyond that the regular bits about SyncAssist still apply:

  • Everyone can us it for free on a single linked AmEx card
  • First Class members can sync all their AmEx cards
  • You really should probably use a separate account if you’re an active Twitter user; no need to annoy your friends with all these tweets.

Any questions??

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  1. I like the functionality, but can’t use it on my main twitter feed. The text it adds to the hashtag are a little embarassing.

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