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  1. Mark Roddis
    Mark Roddis at |

    If I were not an Uber customer, getting this letter would make me want to try them out just to save myself a $25 booking fee. This just seems crazy

    As for paying the Uber drivers a living wage, certainly in the countries I have used Uber in and had a chat with the drivers, they love it. Indeed in London, the last driver I spoke to said he was considering leaving the taxi business after 25 years (he used to drive a black cab and then mini cabs) but after trying out Uber, he had decided not too.

    I am sure that in some areas, conditions may be different but there seems to be a lot of “words” being thrown about so perhaps, if somebody is concerned about Uber and the way it treats its drivers, they should ask an Uber taxi drive for themselves as a lot of the “stories” online from people who claim to be ex Uber drivers don’t ring true

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    That’s a rather Orwellian letter/strategy by that company.

  3. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    There are just some people who just don’t get it.

    Business is down due to competition so we’re enhancing our offerings to provide you with better black car services – starting immediately;
    $25 price increases all around
    New Fuel $1/mile fuel surcharges
    $5 per bag loading fee (1 briefcase may still be carried inside the car with you).
    .50 red light fee that helps keep our fuel surcharges the lowest in the industry
    $200 airport pickup and drop off fee (road tolls are not included).
    We will no longer pickup passengers during adverse weather conditions, so that you can keep warm and dry inside the closest building.

    Thank you for your patronage.

  4. Ben
    Ben at |

    sounds like their customer base is institutions who may not care or find switching vendors too difficult. If direct to consumers its suicide.