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  1. Lynn
    Lynn at |

    Finally a post on the travel blogs for those of us that fly economy. I don’t earn nearly as many miles as many people in the community & appreciate flying more places than flying in luxury.

    Flew Thai on award miles and have to agree that the leg room was amazing. Was the equivalent of economy plus or more on a domestic airline.

  2. Chris
    Chris at |

    Seth, thanks for the info. What would be great is a table with the different carriers, # of seats in Y, seat pitch, seat width, & layout. If you wanted to get adventurous (and subjective) you could include quality of IFE, wifi, etc.

  3. Joey
    Joey at |

    I think it also depends on perspective. One of my friends, based in Chicago, mainly flies Spirit on all her domestic leisure travel. She flew on the Emirates A380 JFK-DXB enroute to India a few months ago and she found the economy seats there to be amazing!
    I’ve flown in the economy cabin of Emirates A380, Thai A380, Singapore A380 and Korean A380 and never had issues with legroom (I’m average height at 5’10). I’m more of a window type guy so any seat with a window in economy is perfectly fine for me.
    I agree with Lynn — so thank you Seth!

  4. AnonCHI
    AnonCHI at |

    Seth – you are awesome. I want to echo what Lynn said. Thanks for being a differentiated blogger.

    I think you and FrequentMiler could team up to have an awesome blog.

  5. Danny
    Danny at |

    I’ve flown KE in coach from JFK and their seats are reasonably comfortable and spacious for coach. I believe at the time that I flew them, they had the 34 inches of pitch.

  6. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang at |

    I find the LH380 to be horrible personal space wise…..maybe it’s just me, but I found it totally cramped. On top, Lufthansas IFE has got to be the worst.

    On the contrary, I love flying SQ on the A380. Regular Y seat has good space (I’m 6’1″), most of the time I get lucky with an emergency exit seat, obviously different story then.

  7. Kristen
    Kristen at |

    appreciate the post. As others have stated I’m tired of reading about luxuries that most people cannot afford. I just flew A380 from BKK to DOH exit row…front of plane via Qatar. Very happy with the accomidations. I like the fact that if you recline, the seat bottom moves forward. Much more accommodating for fellow passengers

  8. PeteyNice
    PeteyNice at |

    I feel like you are penalizing airlines for having economy seating upstairs, by not highlighting that enough. Asiana even offers a shelf and a large bin for people in Economy upstairs in a window seat. That is easily the most personal space I have ever had in Economy anywhere and deserves a mention in an article like this.