This just might be the best AvGeek selfie ever

Why would I pick this as the best AvGeek selfie ever? Mostly because it is 100 selfies all in one. But I guess when you’re a photographer with a certain amount of skill and have access to a JetBlue E190 parked at the airport for a few hours you can have some fun. Like posing in each of the 100 seats on the plane and then making a composite image so that it looks like you’re ALL the passengers on board.

100 Tims on a Plane

He’s got what appears to be an employee badge on his hip and clearly he had access to the plane overnight to stage the whole thing. And there are some awesome little bits like the Tim in 1C showing something to the Tim in 1D on his phone. I really, really like the creativity and fun happening here.

Update: He has confirmed that he’s a JetBlue employee and that he create the shot before work one day:

I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience to do that edit work, but it is awesome.

And props to Paul at Jalpopnik’s Flight Club for noticing this earlier. It is awesome.

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