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  1. D.
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    The American airmen who flew in bombers in World War II deserve all the respect and honor that can be given. With the exception of the much smaller submarine service, it was the most dangerous place to be during the war. As you say, it is loud in those planes and most bomber pilots who lived into their 70s and 80s suffered hearing loss because of their service.

  2. Frank C
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    Republic airfield in Long Island does C-47 flights during memorial day and labor day, nothing more incredible than being in a plane that saw so much.

  3. Sice
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    I can’t agree more, we must remember. We may forget details of conflict but we will and must never forget our resolve to live and to protect what we hold (or should hold) dear.

    Two grandfathers, two different wars.
    My maternal Grandfather, an Italian immigrant, flew in Kingfisher planes in the Pacific. My mother is able to proudly wear his Distinguished Flying Cross pin. What an experience to land a plane in the sea and to have it hoisted up onto the ship’s deck.

    My paternal Grandfather was from a different era, he was in Army Air Corps training in San Antonio in 1917 and preparing to go to WWI flying a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny. Those planes had such a terrible track record that he saw many crash in training, we have a piece of a broken propeller from a crash he saw.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. True pioneers and patriots led the way to enjoyment of air travel for us today!

  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    Your readers might not know that this is the only B-24 still flying anywhere in the world — ex maybe one other. I was therefore amazed to see your flight from my office yesterday. Just amazed. (B-17s are comparatively common, and there’re fewer than a dozen of those that still fly.)

    So thanks for the “back story” here!

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  6. Roger
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    Nice reporting Seth!

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