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  1. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    Sounds very much along the lines of the previous story about having the pilots in some control room within the bowels of the plane working “virtually” without actual windows and sightlines. I can’t ever see there being just one pilot on a plane. They lose the redundancy you think would be required in the event of an emergency, whether it be a physical issue with the pilot, loss of communications with the remote pilot, BOTH, etc.

  2. Ron Rapp
    Ron Rapp at |

    I don’t think it will happen. There are too many cases where the second pilot is critical. I’m not just talking about being “head down” programming the FMS while the other guy flies, but also about medical incapacitation, attempted hijacking, fighting a fire, or the captain going berserk (remember that one? JetBlue, I think it was). In addition, there are countless times each day that having a second guy there to double check a route or readback saves the flight from an operational deviation.

  3. PTC Bernie
    PTC Bernie at |

    All you need to do is scan the pages of Aviation Herald or similar publications for incidents of “FO takes ill.” to know that this is a bad idea.

    Aviation is built around redundancy, in most cases, multiple redundancy. Having just one of anything in aviation is a bad idea.

  4. michael d
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    What is the largest cause of fatal accidents each year? Yes there are remarkable/heroic instances where the flight crew performed the impossible. There are also instances where they made simple fatal mistakes.

    In a future where there are an order of magnitude more planes in the air, computer automation is the only solution. It will probably happen on the highways in the same time frame.

  5. Miles
    Miles at |

    I imagine that evil hackers around the world will be delighted if and when this comes to pass.