American Airlines now Owns a 787 Dreamliner

Sure, the delivery was delayed a few hours, but late this afternoon American Airlines‘ first Boeing 787 Dreamliner (N800AN) took off from Paine Field north of Seattle on its delivery flight to the carrier’s primary hub at DFW.

Tracking the first AA 787 flight on FlightAware

A few more images via Twitter:

And a bunch more photos from the Boeing PR folks (scroll down to 787 Flies Away).

The carrier took legal ownership of the plane yesterday (Story 1; Story 2) and that’s great for the folks in legal and finance, but it is when the plane actually moves over to the company that I start to get excited. And that happened today.

Still no word on where or when the aircraft will enter commercial service. My bet is on DFW-LAX or DFW-MIA for a lot of training/proving runs before it moves over to fly the long-haul routes it was designed to serve.

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Seth Miller

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