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  1. Chris Bastian
    Chris Bastian at |

    I am struck by the fact that Delta has finally acknowledged the end to end distance by adding a new jitney service between gates 18 and 54. Was a people-mover out of the question when this monstrosity was first planned?

  2. Bob E
    Bob E at |

    I am another who has never hated JFK but I really do not know where you are coming from when you proclaim “the misery which is the Terminal 2 facility.”

    In my opinion, T2 is a perfectly easy-to use compact terminal that was overused by Delta’s building that deplorable RJ farm out at the end. I believe that much of what you referred to as “misery” was simply overcrowding, which had started to abate there from the day that T4 opened. I have not been there since they got rid of the RJs.

    As far as amenities are concerned, DL is adding those charging posts everywhere and the restaurants are certainly adequate for the domestic O&D flyers who use the place and do not worry about long connection times without food. Does anybody really plan to go to the airport to eat?

    As a last point. Have you ever checked out the security lines there? They are consistently the shortest of any at any airport that I use (save maybe the DL side at MIA). To me, short security lines certainly do not connote “misery” for the average traveler.

    As usual, we will agree to disagree but I am one who uses the place with regularity and have few complaints.