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  1. Joey
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    A double bed in business class would be exciting. One thing that underwhelmed me when I flew SQ Suites last year was the fact that their double bed wasn’t a double bed. I still think it’s just 2 seats next to each other in a flat bed configuration — with a hard divider in the middle that the flight attendants cover with sheet. It’s the hard divider in the middle that bothered me the most since their double bed seemed to be 2 twin beds with a 5-inch wide divider in the middle. In other words, if you’re travelling alone and are lucky enough to get the SQ double bed, you can’t sleep in the middle of the double bed due to the hard divider being uncomfortable. You’d have to sleep either on the right side or left side.
    To me, the only real double bed up in the air right now is EY’s Residence.

  2. Jake Redman
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    I hope someone called Coldplay to apologize.

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