United Airlines bringing back special amenity kits

united airlines amenity kit limited edition
New airports for the United Airlines amenity kits this year

A year ago United Airlines introduced special, limited edition amenity kit tins during Q1 celebrating the CONUS hub cities. This year is looks like the party is headed overseas. There is a new collection of eight kits out on planes now. The cities featured are:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Honolulu
  • Beijing
  • Dubai
  • Frankfurt
  • Tokyo
  • Melbourne
  • London

Unlike last year’s introduction there has not yet been a press release issued about this one so figuring out when and where they’re going to be distributed is a bit more challenging. But last year it was on all flights departing the USA for a few months so expect similar here as well. And there’s probably a reasonable chance that the leftovers end up being sold directly to travelers, just like last time.

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Seth Miller

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  1. These things are just junk; I’d rather have them have an amenity kit that was usable after the flight. I still use a KLM neoprene case from 2002 for electronics and a 2009 Iberia as well, because they had handles and functionality afterwards.. Seriously there is nothing special about these, they’re tin cases w/ a terrible slogan from a crappy airline.

    1. Depends on what you’re putting inside, I suppose.

      I like the metal tins for some uses and soft-side cases for other uses. I have my GoPro & accessories in a Rimowa hard case and my toiletries in a soft case. Spare cables & batteries go well in a tin or a soft case IME.

      And, if nothing else, I like that there is a bit of variety from time to time. Even if it doesn’t really mean anything.

      But I certainly would not go out of my way to fly an airline just for the amenity kit.

    2. Agree with you, Scott, that United seems to half-ass promotions like these. While I *do* appreciate their attempt to be creative, they consistently fall short when it comes to the actual quality of any products like these. I mean, they have a barely adequate Global First amenity kit as it is. I’d prefer they put some effort into improving their hard and soft products across the board to be more on par with other international carriers than waste money on cheesy, gimmicky nonsense like this.

  2. SYD is also on the list — I got one last week. So if the others are correct, there must be more than 8.

  3. Sometimes due to operational screw-ups I’m a Debbie Downer on UA as well, but I like that they do something like this. A little variety is fun and I’m looking forward to grabbing a couple on a trip to Europe next month.

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