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  1. Atif
    Atif at |

    Wow…. There are *A LOT* of legitimate issues with the ME3 carriers which could be discussed, so to conflate them with terrorism is not just ethically suspect, but stupid on Anderson’s part.

  2. ucipass
    ucipass at |

    I don’t mean to defend this guy, but his “response” was to the question of why Delta used government money right after 9/11?

    So really, this was a “charged question” (“irony?”) especially when it comes to the Middle East. So he clearly had this “card” in his back pocket as a counter play to gain political support from certain segments…

  3. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    Anderson is drunk with profits and addicted to share price bonuses. Either that or he’s lost his mind.
    If he loathes Saudi Arabia then go after his lame partner, Saudia.
    Pretty sure Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not promoting terrorism and had nothing to do with 9/11.
    His comments are stupid and arrogant.
    He should stick to doing his pre-flight safety videos.

  4. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Geoff is Correct. That man is Arrogant and is drunk with huge compensation and share price bonuses. Delta, American, and United should treat passengers with respect and improve their service in order to compete with foreign airlines, not just Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad. They should be ashamed to tag a fee on everything that passengers carry; inflight food and beverage, baggage, and audio/video ear piece. On top of that, their flight attendants are nasty and full of attitude like Anderson. Why, we as paying passengers, should patronize their shitty airline?

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