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  1. j
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    I dont have a lot of experience with BA but from your interactions, I can see how difficult they can be. I believe this kind of treatment wouldn’t happen at American carriers even though their usual service is not good. In my experience, American carriers are a bit more understanding in similar situations and try to solve issues. Maybe it is british corporate culture, who knows. But I would definitely avoid BA in the future if there is an alternative option given this incidence…It was bad enough to warn me and keep BA out of equation if possible!

  2. ffi
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    The ONE SHOT at rebooking is an old BA problem.
    In 2007 Jan, they announced an “industrial action” and canceled flights. I had to call them from abroad at astronomical rates and finally got through.
    They rebooked me from another city and 2 days later the industrial action was canceled and they refused to let me leave from the original ticketed city.

    At the end, they gave me 120 TPs and some Avios, which I had no idea had any use, although it got me to BA Silver (which also I did not know much about then, even though I was flying a lot of AA). Now I know much better, I avoid BA on all paid tickets.

  3. DaveS
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    I’m glad you did get to do some worthwhile extra things in Istanbul despite all the rest of it. To me that’s the bottom line. I personally, after the first phone call didn’t solve it, would have just accepted the 24-hour delay as a part of life when there’s inclement weather and enjoyed the day without all the added aggravation. I know, that’s my personality, and others look at it differently.

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    […] This guy's experience matches mine: BA might tell you on email not to go to the airport in case of IROPS, but it staffs people on the phone that can't help. Going to the airport is often the only way to get service: this was the case for me as well in a similar situation, but BA's cancellation was mechanical, i.e. it's own fault yet on the phone they would not reaccomodate me. Good read with lots of detail at http://blog.wandr.me/2015/02/snowed-…-job-istanbul/ […]

  5. John Tarik
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    BA seems to have a contempt for the customer and establish crazy rules for its own benefit only. The “one shot” rule is ludicrous, especially when they apply it on situations when they themselves caused the problem that has already disrupted you (mechanicals etc.). Other rules are just as silly, like when a flights arrives early but you can’t stand by for an earlier connection, even without checked bags.

    I endured BA’s arrogance iwhen they were the only ones with horizontal seats in business class. Now the competition has caught up and BA is best avoided.

  6. eric
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    I would have just accepted the 24 hour delay and just enjoyed your day. why waste all that time and aggravation. If the 24 hour delay was not a big issue why worry about it.

  7. Soltatio
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    With all the cancelled flights and the obvious chaos that ensued in Istanbul, I can’t imagine why you would keep pushing and complain about getting a replacement itinerary so quickly and for arrival within 24 hours? It might not be the best solution out there but it is a pretty good one and it happened fast. Was all the aggravation worth it for the few extra hours you would have gained back in the US? Relax and have a delicious lunch and enjoy Istanbul a bit more. They have an obligation to get you home in a reasonable time and they did that. No harm no foul IMO.

  8. carlh
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    I have gotten to the point where I avoid BA whenever possible. They have become the United of England! Even traveling in international first class, I found dirty planes, broken furniture in the Concorde Room, and even worse, just awful condescending and contradictory information even on the BA First line.

  9. Debra GIsby
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    I read this and again wonder why everyone thinks travel agents are obsolete and unnecessary? Had I been your travel agent you would have been re-accomodated before you even knew you had a problem. We can rectify and reissue tickets for the airlines without you having to stand in line or wait on hold.

    I highly suggest you find yourself a good travel agent who has your back. We exist and are profitable for a reason.

  10. pcg
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    Had a similar experience with BA in Barcelona, though the fault was ultimately mine for not allowing enough time on the busted-ass Barça trains. Called the BA call center, who gave me the runaround for 30 before finally telling me to go to the BA office at the airport. BA office was closed, totally unstaffed and dark despite BA operating flights AT THAT TIME. Called back; they said check with Iberia. Iberia couldn’t do anything since by this time my flight had left. Call center confirmed: there was now nothing anyone could do. Yes, it was my fault, but the service was shameful, and it’s never really gotten better on BA flights since. I avoid them when possible.

    And as for US carriers never going in for this, PLEASE. We just had tickets home (DUB-PHL-LAX) for my in-laws after they visited us in Dublin. Philly ended up closing because of the snowstorm about a month back, and US Airways cancelled that leg, rescheduling for the following morning. Except there were still PLENTY of oneworld options (DUB-LHR-LAX) left. After multiple calls the best I could do was MAYBE get an alternate flight on AA (“because we’re basically one company now “) but the only other thing i could get was a healthy dose of attitude (“it’s the WEATHER SIR”).

    Basically, airlines are garbage as a general rule and we should all marvel with great rejoicing when they show that modicum of humanity or competence.