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  1. Better By Design
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    In favour of any post involving photos of Russian rockets.

  2. Jonathan
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    I just got back from a trip to Dubai and India. I flew JFK-DXB (EK204/EK203) on an A380 both ways (different equipment on outbound vs. return). I was excited to be able to use EK’s internet service during this long flight but found the service virtually useless. While it technically did work at a few points, it timed out about 90% of the time and made for an incredible frustrating experience.

    I paid $1 for 100MB of service which is a great deal to be sure, but never came close to that allotment since I could barely even get a web page loaded most of the time. I gladly would have paid significantly more had the service actually functioned. I guess now I know why they only charge $1 for it. Had I paid $30 for it, I would definitely disputed the charge, but they’ve got my $1 since it’s not worth my time to fight with them about it for the 3 emails I was actually able to read during my 14 hour trip. 🙁

    Oh, and before anyone comments that it’s probably because A380’s hold a bazillion pax, they have a status page where it shows how many people are connected, and at one point it was only 15 and it was still totally abysmal.

    Hopefully the other carriers have better offerings, because if EK’s system is emblematic of the state of international wifi, things are in a pretty sad state.

  3. Captain
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    I was on AA 136 today LAX to LHR. American’s wifi on the 777 was perfect. Better than most of the domestic flights with GoGo. At $19 for 10 hours, it’s a relatively good deal.

  4. Good service
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    I just wish they spent more money on bigger TVs and better content. If I’m stuck on an aircraft for 10 hours, it’s much more important to have better entertainment than a better tether to work.

    1. Jonathan
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      @Good Service On that front, Emirates is stellar. The screens (even in coach) are huge and there’s like 500 channels of just about anything you could ever want available.

    2. Captain
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      I agree the content sucks. Screen size in business isn’t a problem for me. I do prefer faster wifi to content. If the wifi is fast you have unlimited content at your disposal.

  5. Dianne Garrett
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    Our family is traveling to Hawaii from Atlanta this summer. A non-stop flight is available on a Delta 747-400 which we are excited about. However wifi for the day we are traveling is important. While you state in your article all Delta 747-400 have been completed that information is not reflected in the flight amenities. Can you offer any additional info for me to trust it will be available if I book that flight?