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  1. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    This is brilliant. I suspect there are pretty few people who this will work for, but I’m one of them and I love it. It is a little slow, but it works and helps fill in those gaps I have. I did get one error, below.


    Your tool says DL did not have a flight 1279 on that date, but I flew it.

    Thanks for making this, I love it.

  2. Joseph m
    Joseph m at |

    brilliant but does it have international flights as well?

  3. MDR
    MDR at |

    Here’s another one showing incomplete data:


    Your tool (from the WATT webpage, not from the browser addon) only shows one hit, but there are several more listed on the BTS website for AA.

    Additionally, and this is not your fault admittedly, the BTS website shows all AA flights in the format N???AA, but in reality the N-numbers are distributed amongst N???AN and N???AM and N???TW and maybe a few others. (How much do you like creating lookup tables?)

  4. Leith
    Leith at |

    It’s actually pretty easy to have the chrome extension fill in the details back on flight memory. You just need to add a content script to the flight memory page and send a message from the other page back to the background page which forwards it to flight memory.

    If that’s not clear email me and I’ll be happy to help.

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  6. Dan K
    Dan K at |

    Great for filling in lots of blanks in my flights before I started tracking specific planes. One thing I’ve noticed in the data is that the mainline carriers info is all there. But down at the regional carrier level I can find things like American Eagle, Comair, Skywest, but most others seem to be missing (Mesa, Air Wisconsin, others).

    No dig on you Seth, like you stated it seems like some carriers weren’t reporting information to DoT. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.