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  1. Tiff
    Tiff at |

    Come to the dark side, we have canned wine! šŸ˜‰

    Actually, they got rid of the canned wine (thank God).

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Spirit has its pros and price is definitely one of them! šŸ˜‰ I’ve flown on 2 Spirit flights and both times it got me to my destination on time! Just remember to print out the boarding pass at home to save some $$$ at the airport. šŸ˜‰

  3. Stretchingittotravel
    Stretchingittotravel at |

    I would have booked with Spirit for that price. I have only flown them once but it was fine. Nothing bad, nothing exceptional either. I also am becoming a huge fan of Frontier. Anyone that lets me fly round trip no hassle for under $100 is worth a try once. You know what to expect going in!

  4. Wendy
    Wendy at |

    Does any airlines have a true first class experience in the United States? Not on mid con in my opinion. Spirit’s big front seats are comfortable with plenty of legroom. Just remember to pack light, bring food and drink on the plane and print your boarding pass at home. Plus you are not going to be on a Mad Dog plane that should have been retired years ago.

    I’ve flown spirit many times. It beats flying Delta out of Detroit. Can’t stand the McNamara terminal. The North terminal is so much easier for people with mobility problems.

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    I like how the switch to revenue based programs has altered my logic. I actually enjoy flying various airlines anyway. I’m not sure it’s going to end up in the legacy carriers favor.

  6. UAPhil
    UAPhil at |

    If you’re considering flying Spirit, check this out first:


    Moral: Always have a solid backup option. (Southwest points bookings are a great choice, since they’re fully refundable.)

  7. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    Shhhhh. Don’t tell too many people or the big front seats will all be full the next time I book with them. I’m not crazy about Spirit but they aren’t bad on some routes.

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