International Women’s Day: Travel right and wrongs

Happy International Women’s Day. The press about this year’s observation/celebration seems to be better than I remember from past years, mostly because I see people talking about it this year where previously I can’t say that I did. That’s good and bad, however, as some of the discussion from travel companies seems to be a bit misguided, at least to me. There are also some very positive stories coming out, so it is not all bad, but the mix is, well, interesting.

Take this message I received from one airline, for example:


Celebrate all the remarkable women in your life by wishing her well, expressing your gratitude and making sure she knows how important she is in your life. Send her your warmest wishes and make her day super bright.

Better yet, pamper her with a special holiday abroad…

Yup…the best way to honor and respect a woman is to treat her to a 10-day holiday in Europe.

And, from a hotel chain:


Treat yourself to a wonderful spa experience and give yourself the gift of time.

Because we know that women need their spa treatments to survive.

In a rather more impressive demonstration, Indian airline SpiceJet has 16 flights operated by all-women crews today. In addition the morning shift of the carriers Operations Center was run by an all-female team and the company’s Twitter account was run by women hosting a chat and generally celebrating the accomplishments of its female crewmembers.

I do love when marketing tries. And, partly because of an unhealthy bit of schadenfreude, I do like seeing such horrible failures.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I really enjoyed this piece – particularly the contrast between the hideous hotel ads and the much more appropriate efforts of SpiceJet to honour International Women’s Day. And hey, anytime I see “schadenfreude” used well, its a nice moment. Thanks.

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