Pillow Talk at the Delano Las Vegas

I guess my plan to never return to the Delano Las Vegas might no longer be valid. Last September I had a stay there which was so bad I swore the property off. I don’t do that sort of thing lightly but there are enough options in Vegas that I didn’t see too much risk with the decision.


This week came word that not only are all the pillows replaced but the hotel has gone above and beyond that. There is also now a “pillow menu” available for special requests. If buckwheat is your thing go ahead and order up the Makura Miracle Pillow:

100% Natural buckwheat hull filled adjustable orthopedic cervical pillow.

There are seven special pillows on the menu, plus three options for aromatherapy mists.

All joking aside, I’m happy to see that the company listened to the complaints (I’m quite certain mine were not the only ones raised) and acted on the issue. There is even a new pillows promo offer available including a $50 in-room dining credit to help celebrate. That’s good news to me.

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Seth Miller

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