Last week on DLD: The Missing Bits of AIX 2015

It occurred to me the other day that not too many people know I’m one of the hosts on a podcast. Mostly when a bunch of folks at FTU were surprised when I mentioned it. So I’m going to try to do a better job of sharing some of that content; I think it is usually cool stuff or I wouldn’t be doing it. Here’s some notes from our most recent show.
Our intrepid group of five journalists was all over the Aircraft Interiors Expo show in Hamburg, Germany last week and there was much fun to be had. New seats were introduced (some more publicly than others) and the latest and greatest developments in the cabin amenities and catering services were on display.

Airbus is offering 11-abreast seating on the A380. That’s a lot of bodies and not so comfortable.

Not as much in the way of amazing new developments compared to last year, but still a great show. In this special episode join the team as we talk about our favorite discoveries – good and bad – and also as we try to figure out why B/E Aerospace seems to hate on media.

The Cast:

Some of the stories we discussed:

Enjoy the show!

n.b. – The first few minutes of the audio are pretty bad; sorry about that. I promise it gets better reasonably quickly.

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