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  1. Dave
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    Here’s the thing — don’t you think air rage (already newsworthy on a regular basis) is going to become out of control as airlines squeeze 9 seats abreast into an airplane designed for 8 (787) or 10 seats abreast into a 777? As someone who no longer works in the industry – and has no status – I have zero desire to even step foot on an airplane, since it’d be in cattle class. And that is sad. My point is, the flying experience for a majority of us is going downhill. Fast. Distraction bubble or not.

  2. Good service
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    There’s one thing that U.S. airlines have not learned. Hungry and bored customers are belligerent (air rage). Give them food and entertainment, and they’ll notice the environment for a minute, and then adapt.

    Most airlines realized this a long time ago. Their underinvestment in free food and IFE is a major source of the issue Dave has outlined. This is reflected in the fact that the number of domestic enplanements in the U.S. is at the same level now as it was in 2006.

  3. DaveS
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    To be honest I fly a lot, almost entirely in economy, and maybe my experience is charmed, but I’ve never seen actual “air rage”, and really just about everybody I come in contact with is friendly and polite, whether crew or other passengers. I’m not making this up. I think our own attitude is a significant factor in how we react to our situations and to how our interactions with others go. Why should we be hungry and bored if we can eat before we fly or bring food along, and can use our portable devices with fewer restrictions now? I’m not sure why it’s the airline’s duty to feed me and amuse me. It does have the responsibility to get me where I’m going.

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  6. Christian
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    In the spirit of David Cleaves premise, I guess maybe I should express what I want. My desires are all in coach, as first seems to take better care of itself. I want 18″ or wider seats, with 36″ or more between seats. I want considerably better food, as used to be the norm. I want flight attendants that offer smiles and social graces rather than threats to have you removed for the smallest infraction, whether real or perceived. Distractions are lovely if your knees don’t ache from the seat in front of you reclining into your 30 inches. Otherwise, space, food, and service are the most important.

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