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  1. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    It irks me that in a world where there are plenty of payment processors that will not charge a flat transaction fee, making small transactions disproportionately expensive to merchants, they do not use them or realize that the size of the transaction does no longer matters.

  2. Alan
    Alan at |

    Of course if he hadn’t been expecting a tip for popping the lid off a bottle of beer there wouldn’t have been an issue 🙂

  3. sahir Siddiqui
    sahir Siddiqui at |

    It’s common for airport shops and cafes to accept payment in most major currencies – though the rates may not be attractive, and the change provided is in local currency only. Do they not do that at American airports for international terminals?

  4. monitor
    monitor at |

    Using up the last of a currency at the airport and topping off the bill with a CC has been SOP with us forever and has never raised so much as an eyebrow anytime we have done it. This bartender truly is a lout. However. your good move left an impression with at least one couple That all Americans are not louts.
    BTW, my “early” flight to LHR is the VS that leaves JFK at 8AM, somewhat before I would be ready for a steak sandwich and at a time that I would want my vodka in the form of a Bloody Mary. ☺