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  1. Matt
    Matt at |

    Very happy to see the ghetto birds getting a refresh. They were looking old in back.

    Who’s thinking about dropping 787s already?

  2. TR
    TR at |

    I’ll second that question. What’s the story with 787s being retired at 10 years? Is there a problem?

  3. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |

    The Seattle Times (http://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/ditching-dreamliners-heres-whyunited-just-bought-a-bunch-of-older-airplanes/), normally a useful source, regurgitated the Bloomberg story. This states that the 77W will likely be used out of EWR.

    That sounds strange to me, as most of the 744 activity is TPAC…

  4. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |
    1. blogadmin
      blogadmin at |

      That’s actually some of the better analysis he’s done.

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