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  1. NIck
    NIck at |

    While on the plane last night the flight crew said the center dividers have been disabled due to wiring issues. Apparently when the divider is lowered it is hitting wires and causing shorts.

  2. Darth Chocolate
    Darth Chocolate at |

    I don’t always fly on an American 787, but when I do, I prefer to sit on my butt.

  3. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Thanks for including both J and Y reviews, very helpful

    In your first post you mentioned the IFE screens don’t tilt in Y, making for a potential issue if the guy in front reclines. How bad is viewing in that case, would you say? Completely un-viewable or just less than ideal?

  4. Jake k
    Jake k at |

    I booked a flight on the American 787 Dreamliner in June and happened to be flying first, from your knowledge is there a meal service like a full 3 course meal?

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  6. MB
    MB at |

    I believe the rear facing center seats are rows 3/5/7. Best for couples once they fix the divider problem.

  7. rc
    rc at |

    Are the seats along the emergency exit row 20 restricted width due to immovable arm rests? It looked like from the launch video that it does not, but now that I think about it, where would the meal tray go?

    Probably just answered my own question.