United Fare Construction Resource Fixed

About a year ago I released a Chrome extension which added a link on the United website to make it easier to see fare construction details. Last month Saudia updated its website and that resource stopped working correctly. I’ve now updated the extension to work once again.

Click the fancy red link for extra details on fare construction

Click the link and you’ll bounce over to the Saudia site where a full breakdown of the fare and coupon status is shown.

Full fare breakdown available

If you don’t use Chrome or would prefer to install the script directly for some reason you can get it here.

Hope folks still find this useful.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Thanks. What will the impact of the new beta.united.com be on your extensions?

    1. It will have an impact on many of the extensions. I’m doing my best to mitigate and revise, but there will certainly be some changes.

  2. Could you describe situations in which this tool is useful? I feel like “if I have to ask I’ll never figure it out” but hey, I’ll ask anyway!

    1. It is mostly related to figuring out PQDs, something which the new website does rather better now. But it also is useful for finding the fare construction or other details of a ticket if you want.

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