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  1. TxAg
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    Spirit is really the only US airline where you get exactly what you expect, mainly because they tell you everything upfront. Last March I booked a roundtrip flight from IAH to ORD for $48 including taxes and fees and only 2 weeks in advance! My best trick with spirit is always asking for exit row at the gate and 90% they give me one for free!

  2. AnonCHI
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    @Seth – hilarious story about the Indian passenger and the Texan. Thank goodness the Texan didn’t say “The only good Injun I know is a dead Injun.”

  3. Ron
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    I’m not a gun owner, gun nut, or even a paranoid individual, but certainly you must recognize that there is a significant faction on the left that wants to severely restrict gun ownership access and rights, thereby limiting an individual’s rights as currently allowed under out Constitution.

    We should not ignore the European history during the time of Germany’s control by the Nazis, but learn from it, and monitor the actions of our own government to avoid Constitutional and societal abuses from those on the far left or far right.

    As for Spirit, I am glad to see your reasonable review. Not everyone needs to get a fancy cookie or to sip Krug while on a flight, particularly a short domestic flight. Spirit sells basic, safe air transportation. It meets the needs of many. It’s good to have competition and choices.

  4. Bill
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    How much did you pay for the flight?