Plane Spotting at the Paris Air Show

Underbelly of the CS-300 in flight

While the business of the Paris Air Show is all about selling planes, meeting vendors and generally actually running a business there is the other aspect to the show: Plane Spotting. And it is a great event for such. The major manufacturers make sure of that, bringing their latest and greatest models out to fly around Le Bourget and wow potential customers and AvGeeks alike. And, while I was definitely working the three days I was at the show I also made sure to take a bit of time to do some spotting while the aerial displays were flying. It was spectacular. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Also, this tremendous hyperlapse of the A380 aerial display from @ThatJohn:

And, while not a plane, a pretty cool bit of history in the middle of the static display area at Le Bourget:


Probably not a ton more from me from the show here; most of my work there was for and a couple bits on the Runway Girl Network, too.

A few more photos:

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