Transaero’s Tiger Set to Fly

Frontier may have all the animals on their aircraft tails but they’ve got nothing on the new Transaero Siberian Amur Tiger. The new livery, unveiled today at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, is a 747s painted with massive tiger on the nose. And it is awesome.

The new Amul Tiger livery on Transaero's 747-400
The new Amul Tiger livery on Transaero’s 747-400

The livery is part of a “Caring for Tigers Together” campaign the company is running to draw attention to conservation efforts around the cats. From a mediocre translation of the Russian press release:

In the coming decade, the fate of tigers and the whole natural complex will largely depend on concerted action by the international community. That is why a joint project of the Center “Siberian Tiger” and “Transaero” will be held under the motto: “Let’s save nature together.”

Great cause and a spectacular paint job. It might be my new favorite.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Oooh, I might get a front row seat to half a dozen of them in the near future! For some reason, most likely NASA related, my local airport – Melbourne FLORIDA – is frequently a parking lot for a whole bunch of them.

  2. MMMKate, MidAir @ Mel Airport has been refurbishing the Transaero 747s for the last yr. That’s why they have been over there. Nothing to do with NASA

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