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  1. Andy
    Andy at |

    I’d love to get my hands on those goodies!

  2. Helixcardinal
    Helixcardinal at |

    Sweet giveaway!

  3. Paul
    Paul at |

    Sign me up!

  4. tyler
    tyler at |

    count me in!

  5. Spencer F
    Spencer F at |

    Free is good

  6. Todd
    Todd at |

    I’m down for a chance at a cool airplane!

  7. M Richards
    M Richards at |

    You’re the best! Keep up the good work.

  8. Marc
    Marc at |

    Sign me up too!

  9. Sabra
    Sabra at |

    I’m in!

  10. Troy Michael
    Troy Michael at |

    Hope to win!

  11. Kyle
    Kyle at |

    great giveaway! count me in!

  12. LD
    LD at |

    That’s a pretty incredible haul. I’d love to get some swag. Thanks for the generosity!

  13. Gang
    Gang at |

    Wish I can get my first airplane model!

  14. Jon
    Jon at |

    Pick me!

  15. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Yes, Please!

  16. tiffany
    tiffany at |

    awesome giveaway!

  17. Josh
    Josh at |

    keep up the great work! would be awesome to win one of the items.

  18. Nick
    Nick at |

    I like prizes!

  19. Captain K
    Captain K at |

    Please include me in the drawing! Thanks!

  20. Jim F.
    Jim F. at |

    Looks like Christmas for an AV geek!

  21. Angela
    Angela at |

    Swag baby!

  22. Ben
    Ben at |

    Hope it’s me!!

  23. DJ
    DJ at |

    That’s only 6 months worth!?! Would take me years to get all that.

  24. Ty
    Ty at |

    Oh, so sweet. Sign me on!

  25. Justin Farnham
    Justin Farnham at |

    Blog is great! Thanks for entering me!

  26. Ephraim Seif
    Ephraim Seif at |

    I love airline goodies!!
    So do my kids! 🙂
    Sign me up!

  27. Quincy Allen
    Quincy Allen at |

    Would love to win something! 🙂 Thanks so much for the raffle… Love your blog.

  28. Brian
    Brian at |

    Excellent giveaway! Thanks!

  29. doug
    doug at |

    cool! thanks for the chance at this 🙂

  30. chad
    chad at |

    Could use it for our upcoming first trip to Miami!

  31. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Great giveaway! Hope to win.

  32. Ricky
    Ricky at |

    Would love some amenity kits!

  33. Rebecca
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    Very cool! Thanks!

  34. Angela
    Angela at |

    Free stuff, yay!

  35. Mike S
    Mike S at |

    Awesome giveaway! I would love some of the swag!

  36. Mark
    Mark at |

    Pick me! Pick me!

  37. Max Wei
    Max Wei at |

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  38. David
    David at |

    Looks great! I’m local so can even see about saving on shipping! Cheers.

  39. Roman
    Roman at |

    I’d love some free stuff! Thanks!

  40. SF
    SF at |

    Awesome giveaway! Love the blog.

  41. Bob
    Bob at |

    Thanks a ton !

  42. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    C’mon Random luck!!! Nice giveaways Seth.

  43. Pablo
    Pablo at |

    Will take all of them!!!

  44. Praveen R
    Praveen R at |

    Wow!!! What a collection! Please include me in the drawing…

  45. Missy
    Missy at |

    If I win, you can keep the Delta stuff 😉

  46. Ananth
    Ananth at |

    Thanks for the giveaway and for all the great tools you build.

  47. Ed
    Ed at |

    Looks like a lot of great stuff. Thanks!!

  48. Al
    Al at |

    Thanks for running the giveaway.

  49. LeeAnn Ho
    LeeAnn Ho at |

    You’re the best 🙂

  50. Bill W
    Bill W at |

    Wow…what a giveaway!

  51. Alex N
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    Look at all those goodies! Count me in!

  52. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    Pick me!

  53. Kelly Sargent
    Kelly Sargent at |

    It would be so cool to win!

  54. John Maher
    John Maher at |

    I always love a good amenity kit

  55. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    (airplane) Models and luggage and tablets, oh my!

  56. George
    George at |

    I’d love to win something 🙂

  57. Jay H
    Jay H at |

    Happy travels!

  58. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    I’m in! How about the 77W (or another model) … 😉

  59. John
    John at |

    Would love to win something

  60. agusti servin
    agusti servin at |

    <————————————————-choose this guy

  61. Travis
    Travis at |

    Holy crap.. not the stuff you’re giving away but the comments… One little post for free stuff and people get wild.

    Oh, and sign me up.

  62. Anita
    Anita at |

    hi thank you for being so generous this is an awesome loot! I will be sharing this with my friends and family if I win!
    I tried to paste my tweet link for the raffle copter but for some odd reason it doesn’t work with iphone here’s the link https://mobile.twitter.com/imnotarunner/status/618889328719081472

  63. EIG
    EIG at |

    I like giveaways 🙂 Thanks!

  64. Marge
    Marge at |

    Make my day!

  65. Christian
    Christian at |

    Love me some swag

  66. TheSterlingTraveler
    TheSterlingTraveler at |

    I’m winning! Thank you Seth!

  67. Michael
    Michael at |

    Awesome! I’m in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Collin
    Collin at |

    Nice giveaway!

  69. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Seth, You always get the coolest swag (although I do recognize that Delta shirt/amenity kit!)

  70. Russ
    Russ at |

    Need that stuff!

  71. Mogon
    Mogon at |

    Very cool!

  72. Ygor
    Ygor at |

    Wanteses! I will take the 773 any day. 🙂

  73. Chris W.
    Chris W. at |

    Love the free.

  74. Robert P
    Robert P at |


  75. Vincent
    Vincent at |

    Awesome! Great blog!

  76. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    If you give it all away, what will you use for stocking stuffers at Christmas?

  77. Lindsay BP
    Lindsay BP at |

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. DJ
    DJ at |

    Love your blog! Would love some of that cool stuff!

  79. Kathy
    Kathy at |

    I love to win!

  80. David Jacobson
    David Jacobson at |

    Very generous of you!
    I attended this years AvGeek Boeing Dinner and received no mementos. Sure would be nice to win something.

  81. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    Wait.. Did someone say “GIVEAWAY”!?!?!?

  82. Peter
    Peter at |

    Free swag. Love it

  83. Kasey
    Kasey at |

    Wow, what a collection! Got my fingers crossed! 🙂

  84. idealflyer
    idealflyer at |

    Sharing is caring……..thanks for doing both!

  85. Grant
    Grant at |

    Seth – enjoyed your appearances on UPGRD and glad I found you again on the Dots, Lines & Destinations podcast.

  86. Evan
    Evan at |

    yay swag

  87. Jason
    Jason at |

    Sharing is caring……thanks for doing both!

  88. Jason
    Jason at |

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  89. Neil Gamrod
    Neil Gamrod at |

    I would love to add a model to my collection, count me in Seth!

  90. Ji
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  91. Chris p
    Chris p at |

    I’m always looking for new stuff, thanks

  92. Rob
    Rob at |

    Thanks for giving this stuff away!

  93. beef
    beef at |

    happy summer to you!

  94. Mark the Shark
    Mark the Shark at |

    I hope I win!

  95. Eva
    Eva at |

    Wow, how generous.
    Thanks Seth!

  96. Ricky
    Ricky at |

    I would love some free stuff!

  97. smittytabb
    smittytabb at |

    All the #AvGeek goodies! What fun…and thanks!

  98. Ben
    Ben at |

    OK, I’m in…

  99. Skip Randall
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  100. SL
    SL at |

    Sign me up please!

  101. Charles (CMK10)
    Charles (CMK10) at |

    Thanks for the chance to win

  102. David
    David at |

    Count me in

  103. Paul
    Paul at |

    Sign me up 🙂 thanks!

  104. phill gold
    phill gold at |

    looks awesome. Thanks!

  105. Steve
    Steve at |

    Great giveaway Seth….I’d love to get an entry for some swag 🙂

  106. Addison Schonland
    Addison Schonland at |

    What a great idea!

  107. Scott Breckenridge
    Scott Breckenridge at |

    Count me in, Seth!

  108. Casey Broughton
    Casey Broughton at |

    I’d love to win some of this stuff! Looks amazing!

  109. Kurt
    Kurt at |

    Model airplanes..YES!! Thanks

  110. mike
    mike at |

    great giveaway

  111. Jonathan C
    Jonathan C at |

    Awesome giveaway, thanks so much Seth! Here’s to hoping for that 777 model

  112. Joe W
    Joe W at |

    Looks like a treasure trove. Yes, please!

  113. travelpeon
    travelpeon at |

    Woo! Amenity kits!

    Did someone give away aviator sunglasses? What’s the most unusual item in there?

  114. kj
    kj at |

    Please enter me !!!!

  115. clarissa day
    clarissa day at |

    enter me please

  116. Dani
    Dani at |

    Would love to get one of those!

  117. Fcq
    Fcq at |

    I want to win it all

  118. Scott
    Scott at |

    Awesome. I am day dreamlinering that this could be mine

  119. Levi
    Levi at |

    Thanks for all you do!

  120. Amanda
    Amanda at |


  121. Dave Black
    Dave Black at |

    I’ve never been one for draws & raffles but this certainly grabbed my attention. All those #Avgeek goodies!!!

  122. Gregory
    Gregory at |

    Thanks for giving away all that cool stuff!!

  123. Michael H.(oldfox)
    Michael H.(oldfox) at |

    Love the blog and this great giveaway. Keep it up!

  124. Jerry F.
    Jerry F. at |

    I love giveaways!!

  125. jackal
    jackal at |

    Knowing you has proved to be very beneficial for my travel budget–free stuff just adds to that! 🙂

  126. Chris
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  127. Bruno
    Bruno at |

    Please count me in!

  128. Christian
    Christian at |

    It’d be nice to win. If not, I’ll still appreciate Hotel Hustle.

  129. Jon
    Jon at |

    Choose me

  130. Ron
    Ron at |

    Christmas is coming early !!

  131. Paul v
    Paul v at |

    Love giveaways of aviation related goodies! Thanks!

  132. Jay C
    Jay C at |

    Cool! Thanks!

  133. Lois Ambrose
    Lois Ambrose at |

    Pick me please

  134. Keith H
    Keith H at |

    It’s like a surprise party!

  135. Kathy
    Kathy at |

    Pick me pick me

  136. Ang
    Ang at |

    Woohoo! Me please!

  137. Pam
    Pam at |

    I totally want all your stuff!!!

  138. audisfo
    audisfo at |

    Would love to get the Qatar plane model!!!

  139. John Spence
    John Spence at |

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity

  140. Susan
    Susan at |

    I’d be delighted to win!

  141. Jason Krakowiak
    Jason Krakowiak at |

    Nice giveaway! Love the blog

  142. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I’m eyeing the Quatar 77w model for sure. Count me in. Thanks.

  143. Prithivtv
    Prithivtv at |

    Free stuff is always cool
    Count me in

  144. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    Oooh…Pick me! Pick me! I’m really very nice.

  145. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    In for a win!

  146. Brian
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    Woohoo! Swag!

  147. Christine B
    Christine B at |

    Pick me! Pick me!

  148. Hemal
    Hemal at |

    I can haz pls. You won’t even need to ship it. DowntownJC

  149. Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor at |

    Great blog! Hope I win!!

  150. Ryan Winningham
    Ryan Winningham at |

    Great blog. Especially like the Avios Calculator Map. Sign me up, please.

  151. Fran Keally
    Fran Keally at |

    Travelling has always been an important of my life. Thanks for sharing all your tips and ideas.

  152. John
    John at |

    Thanks for the giveaway. Is there a new network router in tha pile that we can forward to United?

  153. Drew Theunissen
    Drew Theunissen at |

    Always need more airline models to add to my growing collection 🙂

  154. Nick O
    Nick O at |

    I’m in. Thanks Seth

  155. Colin
    Colin at |

    I love anything!

  156. Rami
    Rami at |

    Count me in. Thank u

  157. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey at |

    Pick me! Thanks, Seth.

  158. David Fisher
    David Fisher at |

    I hope I win!

  159. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Freebies? Why, yes!

  160. CJ Moore
    CJ Moore at |

    i would love these goodies!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Anna Margaret Binder
    Anna Margaret Binder at |

    We love swag! Thanks for sharing – and especially all your helpful tips and scoops!

  162. Rich C
    Rich C at |

    Some nice goodies up for grabs

  163. Sherri Fennell
    Sherri Fennell at |

    Thanks for considering me for any of the gifts shown, I’d be eternally appreciative. Not picky about the gift chosen, but just grateful.

  164. David K Snell
    David K Snell at |

    That’s Awesome! 🙂

  165. Susan Moskowitz
    Susan Moskowitz at |

    Seth, I love your travels. It inspires me on places to go. Thank you. Please enter me in your drawing I would really appreciate it.

    Susan. 🙂

  166. u600213
    u600213 at |

    Cool. I’m in.


  167. CeeAnn
    CeeAnn at |

    I want to flyyyy awayyy

  168. Jack H
    Jack H at |

    Very cool give away!

  169. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    That’s a lot of goodies! Would love to get my hands on some of that! 😉 Fingers crossed

  170. Brian
    Brian at |

    covering my bases, because airline swag is a huge reason I fly!

  171. Jocelyn
    Jocelyn at |

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  172. Chris
    Chris at |

    Thanks for another great post!

  173. Stacey
    Stacey at |

    Thanks for all your help and info over the years. You’re really not only an expert but a friend as well.

  174. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    Love to win something!

  175. Brad
    Brad at |

    Giving away airline geek stuff? Count me in!

  176. Sarah Marmolejo
    Sarah Marmolejo at |

    Anything in the official contest rules with regard to bribing the Officiator with a bottle of red wine? I know someone who could put that tablet to good use.

  177. Gail conn
    Gail conn at |

    what a treat. Things I could use that are good for traveling..

  178. Cabetca
    Cabetca at |

    Wow! That’s quite a collections of goodies. I’d love to win!

  179. James
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  180. Johnny
    Johnny at |

    love your blog!

  181. Thomas Zook
    Thomas Zook at |

    Would love to participate in this giveaway . . . on the receiving end! Thank you!!

  182. Tracey Critchley-Thonfeld
    Tracey Critchley-Thonfeld at |

    Hopefully I’ll win 🙂 Thanks!

  183. Kijo
    Kijo at |

    Thanks for the drawings!

  184. Atif
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    Some of that looks pretty cool!

  185. DebbieT
    DebbieT at |

    Who doesn’t love airline swag??? Thanks for sharing!

  186. Jim
    Jim at |

    would love to be one of the lucky few.

  187. Marilyn B
    Marilyn B at |

    Great giveaway- Thanks, Seth!

  188. John
    John at |

    Thanks! Love your insight and blog!

  189. francesco
    francesco at |

    Thanks for giving these out! Great stuff!!

  190. mowogo
    mowogo at |

    Looks like a good pile of swag

  191. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    Hey man, one man’s crazy leftover airline stuff is another man’s treasure.

  192. Cory DuBose
    Cory DuBose at |

    That tablet or that pair of Grado’s, oh Lordie.

    Remember the BBQ Seth, remember the BBQ.

  193. Brittain
    Brittain at |

    Fingers crossed!

  194. st1575
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  195. Angela
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    Christmas in July!

  196. gba
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    Nice Contest!

  197. Philippe
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    I’m in !!!

  198. Gabriel
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    hop to win 🙂

  199. Art
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    Hope to win something.

  200. scott
    scott at |

    Nice, thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Laura
    Laura at |

    Count me in too! Side note — I’ve really been enjoying your Japan trip posts. It’s our next big trip, sometime next year, so the timing was perfect since I’m starting to research Japan. Never been… Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. Bob
    Bob at |

    Happy Summer

  203. Jovan
    Jovan at |

    I’ll just post this here in case you are sending stuff out of US as well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  204. Svein
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  205. Tejash Patel
    Tejash Patel at |

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’d love to be picked!

  206. Clare N
    Clare N at |

    Wow! That is a pile of Swag.

  207. JT
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    Count me in.

  208. Dawid
    Dawid at |

    I’m in!

  209. Harrison
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    Yes please!

  210. P.L
    P.L at |

    Thanks for your insightful blog, very useful tools. Thanks for this giveaway, I hope I win something!

  211. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this stuff

  212. Jordan
    Jordan at |

    Awesome Seth, Thanks!

  213. Bruce
    Bruce at |

    Mahalo nui loa for your generosity!

  214. Joe
    Joe at |

    Count me in, please.

  215. Rob
    Rob at |

    Please sign me up. Thanks.

  216. manish
    manish at |

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  217. MDR
    MDR at |

    Stuff is good. Free stuff is great!

  218. Sophorn Ngeth
    Sophorn Ngeth at |

    Airplane models are so cool! Super underappreciated swag IMO 🙂

  219. Kc
    Kc at |

    Who does not love cool free stuff
    Swag Rules!!
    Thank you!!

  220. Linda
    Linda at |

    Crossing fingers and thinking positive thoughts….

    Thank you for your generosity!

  221. Paul
    Paul at |

    I appreciate the opportunity

  222. Onik
    Onik at |

    I’ll take the plane model(s) 🙂

  223. B
    B at |

    Whoa! Free stuff!

  224. Kay
    Kay at |

    Appreciate your generosity!

  225. Chris
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  226. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hope I win!

  227. Lanny
    Lanny at |

    Thanks for giving these away. Please enter me.

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  229. R Gage
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  230. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    The model airplanes are pretty sweet! I am also really impressed at the sheer volume of things. I just started this hobby about a year ago, and only managed two AA amenity kits on the Beijing error fare (why do they not call them AAmenity kits?).

  231. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Thanks for the offer to win this. 😀

  232. MSPpete
    MSPpete at |

    Love free stuff, Thanks!

  233. Ben
    Ben at |

    Would be great to use on my trip to Germany next week!

  234. Eoin Kilkenny
    Eoin Kilkenny at |

    Great Competition

  235. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    FREEEEEEEE is always good!!! Pick me!

  236. Long Pham
    Long Pham at |

    Airplane models!! Thanks for the giveaway

  237. TN
    TN at |

    Sign me up! Thank you.

  238. TN
    TN at |

    Sign me up! Thanks

  239. A. M.
    A. M. at |

    that toshiba tablet and the airplane models would be amazing to have! thanks seth, you rock.

  240. Jana
    Jana at |

    Love your blog. Thanks!

  241. Chris
    Chris at |

    Thanks for a fantastic read!

  242. Cory DuBose
    Cory DuBose at |

    Good luck to all that entered!